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Deonizer (Double Bed

Conductivity Meter Built per filter & very high exchanging capacity non corrosive CATION & ANION resin Columns purified for water conductivity less than 10 Microsiemens/ cm and pH 7.0 to 9.0 pH., Plastic chemical Proof regeneration tank & with trolley for easy to mobility.
Dewsil Instruments - 11370
A Output 70 ltr/hr
B Output 100 ltr/hr
C Output 150 ltr/hr
D Output 200 ltr/hr
E Output 3000 ltr/hr


Temperature. Display 16x2 line LCD Display with Backlit, Resolution 0.1 ppm, Temp 0.10C Accuracy +-0.2ppm (+-0.20C ) Temp. Comp. Auto/ manual 0 to 500C Storage 700 Samples Key Board 6 keys Soft Touch Membrane Type, Power Supply 230 V +- 10% AC. 50 Hz. Complete with Siver Type DO Probe, Temp Sensor, D.O. Membrane 30 Nos.
Dewsil Instruments - 12450


Temp. control range : RT+5oC~100oC Temp. accuracy : .}0.3oC* Temp. uniformity : .}0.3oC* Timing range : 1min ~ 99h59min/‡ Multi points running : Yes(Max 5points
Dewsil Instruments - 14500


Wavelength range : 400nm~800nm Indication range : 0.000~4.000OD Resolution : 0.001OD Accuracy : ±1.0% at 1.0 OD, 450nm Standard filters: 405, 450, 492, 630nm Shaking : Linear Shaking, 3 speeds
Dewsil Instruments - 14400


Na K 0 to 100 ppm 0 to 100ppm Sensitivity 5 ppm 10 ppm Optional Readout 21/2 Digit Bright Red LED Display., Accuracy +-2%upto 40 ppm, +-5% above 40 ppm Auto Ignition, Measure one element at a time, Repeatability +- 2 Count, Detector Silicon Photo Diode, Filters Narrow Band Interface Glass Filters, Nebulizer Black Bakelite, Axial Flow Type, Flame System LPG and Dry oil free air, Warm up time 10 Minutes
Dewsil Instruments - 12700


(Cleave Land Type)
For determination of fire point of petroleum product except of fuel oil with open cup flash below 800C, its consists Brass cup, Heating Plate, Thermometer Clamp, Test Flame, attachment with swivel joints for passing over test liquid, electrically heated with regulator
Dewsil Instruments -11450