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Illuminated base consists of fluorescent tube mounted below translucent plastic plate to provide cold light through floc sample, SS Sitter rod Fitted heavy cast iron base, max. motor speed 10 to 200 rpm, Stirring paddles Speed regulator
Dewsil Instruments - 11500
A Two stirrer
B four Stirrer
C Six Stirrer


Dewsil Instruments - 11840
A Single Drum
B Double Drum
C Digital Revol. counter
D Spare Drum


Fitted wooden board, Inner with SS or Alkali / Acid resistant tiles, small wash basin connected with inlet and outlet, fluorescent light, gas cock , Air supply, Size :-3*2*2 feet PVC fume Duct @550 per running feet
Dewsil Instruments - 10671

Glass Distillation Unit

Single Stage Distillation Unit
Glass Flask with heating elements glass coil internally at bottom, Complete with glass fitting, Metallic stand, rings clamps & electrical fitting 3.3 Borosilicate Glass
Dewsil Instruments - 9800
Product Code Flask ml
980070 3 liter
98080 5liter


Block Formats : 96×0.2ml(A), 54×0.5ml(B), 96×0.2ml +77×05ml©, 384well(D), Temp Range : 0oC~99.9oC Max. Heating Ramp Rate : 4.0oC/s Memory : 200
Dewsil Instruments - 14200

Heating Mantle & Spare Mantle

HEATING MANTLE (Made from Glass yarn)
Heating Mantle High Temp. Upto 3000c, One is Spun, Duly powder coated
Dewsil Instruments - 11000
A Upto 500 m
B 1 Liter
C 2 Liter
D 3 Liter
E 5 Liter
F 10 Liter
G 20 Liter