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Salinity Meter Digital

Salinity :- 0-50 ppt or 100 pp Resolution 0.1ppt Accuracy +- 1% of range+-1 Digit
Dewsil Instruments - 12560


Measuring range : 1-99999 Time for test : more than 1000seeds / 3minute, Precision mode : Big seed sample : 2min / 1000 seeds, Precision mode : Small seed sample : 4min / 1000 seeds
Dewsil Instruments -12255

SEED GERMINATOR (Single Cham.) With Digital Temp. Controller

Double wall, Outer MS with powder coated, Inner SS304, Temp. 50C to 500C +-10C controlled by Microprocessor digital temp. Digital Humidity Controller created in a S.S water reservoir to provide 60% to 95 % RH+-3% Humidity.S.Steel,14 adjustable perforated tray. Size: (22*24*36”) 550*605*910mm
Dewsil Instruments - 10480

VORTEX SHAKER (Test Tube Shaker)

Mixing action controlled by varying the angle and pressure of tube, for centrifuge tube, Test tube or small flasks, speed control arrangement
Dewsil Instruments - 11600


Gyratory sieve shaker built for optimum performance clockwise directional frequency of 270 per minute
Dewsil Instruments - 12200
A 8” dia
B 12” dia with adaptor


Outer MS duly Powder Coated for flask50-500 ml , Two vertical 2 horizontal rod with adaptors and screw to hold the Flasks with glass parts.
Dewsil Instruments - 11230
A 3 Test Mantle type
B 6 Test Mantle type